Why Choose D & R Doors in Miami

D & R Doors has been proudly serving and providing Miami-Dade with its complete Door needs for over 15yrs. We offer a comprehensive selection of products at very reasonable prices.  Our product offering consists of a wide selection of decorative doors that come with a variety of glass options as well as professional grade staining.

When you live in an area where severe weather is a semi-regular occurrence, investing in impact-resistant doors makes a lot of sense. Far from being sturdy-but-plain-looking eyesores, today's impact-resistant doors in Miami, Fl are available in a wide variety of beautiful styles. D & R Doors specializes in creating the perfectly designed & styled door that best fits the design style you desire.

Investing in impact-resistant doors from D & R Doors can do more than just protect the money you spend on a lovely set of doors. Impact-resistant doors also protect everything inside the house, including you and your loved ones. In areas where hurricanes are seasonal hazards that are regularly responsible for the loss of life, installing exterior doors that can effectively guard against wind and rain is a wise choice.

D & R Doors offers impact resistant doors in many different motifs including Spanish, Colonial, French Countryside, and Italian. Our doors range in style from the ornate to the casual, yet they all maintain a high level of quality and class. To know that these showpieces are also providing you with superior protection is just another reason why people love D & R Doors.

We understand that you want to be careful about the products you buy and the people you do business with. Therefore, our mission is simple:

  • Treat everyone with the utmost respect
  • Offer products that are of the highest quality available
  • Maintain a selection that sparks the imagination

Provide our customers with service that is:

  • Courteous
  • Accurate
  • Knowledgeable

Our consultants and dealers are knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of door, glass, and wrought iron craftsmanship and design. We are here to guide you through the process of determining how our products will help you to meet your design goals.

Contact D & R Doors Miami for a free consultation. Or call us at: 305.378.6900.